(LED lighting sales and construction)



[High-quality domestic brand]

We are selling and constructing high quality LEDs as a distributor of OHJEC Co., Ltd.

The product is designed by Japanese engineers to design LED lighting, fluorescent lamps and outdoor light projectors, and manage everything from manufacturing to completion, and it is reliable, high quality LED lighting and LED fluorescent lamps with high reliability and security. Are manufactured in Japan and abroad.

In addition, construction will be thorough supervision and supervision, and construction will be performed according to the customer's business situation.


International Consultant

(Business matching, cultural exchange)


We respond to customer requests such as overseas expansion of companies, surveys of overseas companies, and cultural exchanges with foreign countries.

In order to achieve “always realized” using our original route, we will accomplish the mission to satisfy you with maximum manpower.

Tel. 011-790-6347  I  Fax:  011-790-6359  /  https://www.pps-hokkaido.com/

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